Colonising the red planet, why not!

It is less than a decade away, it is real, it’s happening. Real soon.

It’s not new, we all know that going to Mars has been a dream for humans even before going to the Moon. Even Wernher Von Braun (Chief Architect of the Saturn V) had the red planet in his target.

How are we going to make it?

Well, we need a Big F*@%!! Rocket. Whatever you want to call it, the Big Falcon Rocket will take us to Mars and it will take few months to get there. And there is one man who can do it – Elon Musk. In less than 10 years, he launched a brand new and innovative rocket company called Space X which consists in reducing the cost of space exploration by reusing the stage one boosters a number of times. If you’ve never heard of the BFR, check out the beast below:

Space X Vehicle Comparison
Space X vehicle comparison. The BFR is 106m tall and is fully reusable.

BFR, what is it?

To put it simply, the Big Falcon Rocket is going to be the most powerful fully reusable rocket ever built in human history. And the big plan is to use it to colonise Mars. Just that. If it all goes well, the BFR will replace all Space X vehicles as it will be the most cost efficient rocket ever. Imagine, a machine capable of lifting up to 150 tonnes of payload in the sky, landing back on Earth, and going back up few hours later. It’s been said that one other use of the BFR will be to take you from New York to Singapore in 30 minutes only. Take my money. Please.

Going to Mars. Ok. But why and how are we going to live there?

Look around you. Read the news. We’re in trouble. It’s too many of us, we use too much of fossil resources that Earth can offer and it’s getting worse and worse. If we could all use green sustainable energy right now, we should be in a good place. But it’s not the case.

Ok, this paragraph above was very pessimist. Sorry. But the good news is that we’re going to take humans to another planet making our species the first multiplanetery in the solar system. There isn’t a plan to land there, leave our footprints and going back to Earth. Astronauts are going to live there and build a civilisation. It sounds like science fiction but it is science fact! Now, I am not a scientist, or biologist, but pretty much every ingredients needed to create life are there but it needs a little help. That’s why we’re here for! We all think it’s dry there. Well, it looks like it, but there is plenty of frozen water around the North and South Pole, and also hidden in the ground, centimetres below the red dusty layer. If we go there, and manage to make the atmosphere thicker, Mars will become warmer allowing plants and trees to grow which will release plenty of oxygen for us to breath normally. And all the technology already exists here on Earth. We just need to take it there! I highly, highly recommend you to watch the video below where Mr Stephen Petranek explains how we could make it to work.

Let’s resume a bit:

To achieve such a thing, we need:

  • A Visionary: Elon Musk.
  • The Gear: The Big Falcon Rocket (BFR).
  • The People: They’re training for it.
  • Add-ons to create life there: We have it.

It looks like we’re good to go! Just thinking that my grand grand kids could be living on Mars makes me smile, not you?

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