“Sending artists to fly by the Moon, come back safely and create art inspired by this unique experience. What a beautiful divine idea.”

As I wrote in a previous article, we’re going back to the Moon baby. The last time we stepped on the Moon was in December 1972, 46 years ago. The Apollo 17 mission is probably the most successful mission of the Apollo program. The astronauts stayed 22 hours on the Moon, used a so called Lunar Rover to drive around 34 kilometres away from the Lunar Module and brought back more than 100 kilograms of lunar rocks. I mean… What an achievement.

Today, I guess we do things differently, more trendy, with more hype. We’re going to send artists to the Moon who will come up with new art projects inspired by what they saw and felt during their journey. How surprising and beautiful is this.

One Man

To make this happen, one brave man, Yusaku Maezawa had a dreamy belief and approached an ambitious man, Elon Musk, with an audacious dream. Both agreed on this project called dearMoon. Yusaku Maezawa is a rich Japanese entrepreneur and art collector who believes that Art can bring peace in the world. So, what about creating some Art after a trip to the Moon. That is just brilliant. Today, Elon Musk and his rocket company (Space X) is probably the only one who can make it happen as quick as 2023.

Elon Musk And Yusaku Maezawa
Elon Musk & Yusaku Maezawa having fun after the announcement at Space X HQ.

A New Era

For the last 60 years, we have been sending astronauts to space and for the first time ever, we are flying citizens to space and beyond. It is now the beginning of the Space tourism era. The question is: How much a ticket to space will cost in the near future? Using Space X’s reusable rockets, the cost will decrease dramatically and will help in going to Space for longer trips with bigger crews to colonise other planets. (Read my other blog: Humans on Mars for more information)

dearMoon mission's Artists
dearMoon mission’s Artists

#dearMoon Mission’s Timeline

2018: Project Announcement | Begin Member Selection & Start of training

2019: BFR Short Test Flight

2020: BFR High Altitude Test Flight

2021: BFR First Orbital Test Flight

2023: Lift Off

202X: #dearMoon Exhibition on Earth

dearMoon Flight Plan
dearMoon Flight Plan

Is It Really Going To Happen?

The first challenge that Yusaku Maezawa is going to face is finding the artists he likes, fit enough, willing to train very hard and risk their lives to go to the Moon. Elon said it – “It is a risky mission, and things could go wrong.” Now, I’d risk my own life to go to the Moon. Not you?

Besides having the right people, you need the right gear for such a trip and as Elon said – “The BFR is very likely to be able to fly but it might not be able to!” Considering that the BFR will be a 4 years old machine which already went through a lot of redesign stages – it will need to be 100% reliable for this mission. I am confident that this is going to happen in the safest possible way and will open the doors to the ultimate mission: Colonising Mars.

dearMoon is such an inspiring project, full of dreams and hope that will once again, bring the world together. We needed one generous person to re-unlock the doors to deep space and I wish all the luck and a safe trip to Mr Maezawa and the 8 other artists yet unknown.

I highly recommend you to visit the beautiful and immersive dearMoon.earth website for more information about the mission itself. You won’t regret it.

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