Spending just one day in Iceland could make you feel challenged by all the things you could do in a matter of few hours. And you have to choose one. On my way to Montreal from London, I decided to stop by Keflavik Airport thanks to WOW Air Airline and make the most of my 15 hours here in Iceland.

I landed on the Friday 12th of October 2018 at 11pm to be exact, and went to pick up my car for the next day. (I’d like to thank rentalcars.com for the 24/7 car pick up service, very smooth!). After 15 minutes drive, I finally find my AirBnB located in Keflavik. Now, it’s about midnight, it’s dark and cold, what would you do? Chasing the Northern Lights! As I’ve had the chance to come to Iceland 4 times prior to this visit, I already could tell that the green lights wouldn’t show up in the sky… Too cloudy, and the forecast was around 1Kp on a scale of 9Kp. So I decided to stay warm and went to sleep. (Boring).

6:30am wake up call in Keflavik city, quick shower and I’m now driving towards Gardur to witness an Icelandic sunrise by the sea shore. It was a bit cloudy but still worth it. So, I went by the sea, and got caught in this peaceful/quiet scenery, waiting for the show. After standing in the cold for few minutes whilst starring at the sun rising up in the sky, I decided to head towards the midlands to spend some time relaxing in a natural hot spring. No, not the Blue Lagoon. Reykjadalur. I have been to Iceland multiple times but somehow, I never went there, so I thought it was about time! From Keflavik to Reykjadalur, the journey is quite easy and it takes about 1 hour to get there.

On the way, you can see some breathtaking landscapes which doesn’t help when you try focusing on the road. Be careful.

Iceland Road 1From the car park, hiking to the actual hot spring takes roughly one hour. The first half is quite sporty and the scenery that surrounds you is simply beautiful. You understand you’re getting closer and closer as you walk past some hot spots where the water reaches the 100°C which provokes that pure white smoke which smells like rotten egg. When the wind blows the smoke towards the path, it’s quite fun to walk through it, the visibility is like none.


Snapseed 6
Geothermal Hot Spot – Reykjadalur – Iceland

I finally make it! And what a place. Some brand new “piers” and stairs have been built to help you walk around the hot spring and get in the water safely (though it gets quite slippery by the stairs). I put my swim short on, and within a second, I go from 2°C outside to 30°C in the water. Great feeling. This is a social place, so expect not to be alone and talk to people about Iceland and life stuff.

Reykjadalur Hot Spring – Iceland

After spending quite some time relaxing and making new friends, it’s already time to get dry and go back to the airport. I went from 30°C to 2°C with a freezing breeze. Challenging. Once sort of dry and cold, it was time to walk back to the car, and drive back to Keflavik Airport to catch my flight to Montreal.

Sometimes, you don’t need to go to the main city and spend money on lunch or souvenirs like we’d all do. It’s all about that unique experience which makes you heart beating a little more.

I then spent 5 hours on a plane, smelling rotten egg. And that was a unique experience.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! If you ever go to Iceland, give me a shout, may be I can help!

Reykjadalur Hot Spring - Iceland
Reykjadalur Hot Spring – Iceland

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